3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 2

The beginning

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 2.

November 9, 2020.

Feeling energized on Day 2. It’s nice to know I actually got started with this. On Day 1, I felt warm for the rest of the day until I went to bed. My body was probably in shock from the physical activity.

Thinking back, I probably could have hydrated a lot more than I did. It was rather warm, combined with no having run in quite a while (months), I will be sure to drink more today.

I completed some pre-run stretching, then drank a small prepared protein drink and some water.

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 2 -Running Data

Date: November 9, 2020

Distance: 3.04 miles

Duration: 34.17

Avg Pace: 11:15 (min/mil)

Calories burned: 447

Elevation Gain: 103 (ft)

Temperature: 78F

Weather: Sunny and Clear

Wind: Minimal

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3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 2 running route
Day 2 running data. The pace slowed down quite a bit.

More running data

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 2 - running splits
Day 2 running data. Split times and elevation.


Same route, different day.

I like this route and will probably use it for the majority of the challenge.

My legs felt heavier right from the start. It was expected. Overall, my body felt good.

I currently do intermittent fasting during the week and maybe that had something to do with the lackluster performance. Drank a protein drink and water prior to running.

I will try watch my diet to ensure it is more balanced.

I was on the phone talking to a friend for the last half of the run, which probably had an impact on the time. Not concerned about that.

Afterwards, did 100 push-ups. Thought it would be a good add to a total body workout.

Just to recap. Body felt fine. Legs were a bit heavy, but not sure. I’ll try to not talk on the phone next time.

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