5 Miles A Day Run Challenge [Day 5]

overcast day road running
5 miles a day – Day 5

5 Miles A Day Running Challenge




weather day 05
Very humid to.


57 F


7 mph


6.01 miles



Avg Pace

10:05 min / mile

Calories burned



Ran at 930am. At 700am, ate a bowl (40g) of steel cut oatmeal with 1/3 cup of 2% milk, cup of coffee, and a slice of cheese danish.


5 miles a day turned into 6 today

Workout Details

6 miles run today was warmer than expected



Temperature today was about 20degrees F warmer than normal. No need for running jacket, head gear or gloves.

The hip pain I have been experiencing was not an issue today. I continue to need to start out very slow as to not aggravate the hip.

I did take a couple of Ibuprofen a couple hours prior to running. I have never been an Ibuprofen user, however they do seem to work well.

I ran 6 miles today. I considered going 7 or 8 miles today but did not want to push it since my hip. Hydration was also a thought. After 3 miles, I was sweating very heavily. 91% humidity was a big contributor.

Going forward, I will consider carrying a water bottle or fuel belt. As the longer runs increase in distance, I need to have water and a snack to maintain energy levels.

Overall, I was satisfied with the run.

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