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Do you maintain a list of blogs to read you enjoy just for the entertainment value?

Besides reviewing the top popular sites within my niche, I really love reading works by writers from all walks of life.

Some of my favorite reads are by writers who maybe haven’t figured everything out just yet.

I love learning from writers who are still struggling with SEO, article promotion, building backlinks, and well… bloggers a lot like me.

I also love reading from bloggers who are challenged by other life matters and their ability to persevere.

Yes, I’m talking about following bloggers you find interesting.

Interesting bloggers that transcend their area of expertise.

Great writers possess the ability to hook the audience, which is an invaluable skill for all writers should aspire to learn.

So, read to learn and be entertained! It’s highly encouraged!

Share your favorite blogs to read in to comment section below.

Here are bloggers I am currently reading:

  • Backlinko – When I mention the best blogs to read for anyone interested in growing traffic to a website, the list always begins with Brian Dean and his amazing research. Besides offering great information on SEO, each article is a shining example of what you should be patterning your best writing to look like!
  • Copyblogger – The definitive guide for content marketing! The great thing about this site is how easy it is to get lost in the knowledge. I typically visit Copyblogger with a specific subject in mind, but it is so easy to spend hours reading the mountain of posts they have to offer.

Search tip – If you want to search a topic from within a specific site only, see below.

  • Adam McFarland – This is a fun site for me. Adam writes about a plethora of topics ranging from his auto detail supply shop, the technology hacks he implements with e-commerce, as well as much more. I’ve been following this site off and on for years. Really love the hand-drawn header image!
  • Problogger – This is the first blog I started following in earnest when I got my start with blogging in 2005. His book, Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income is now in its 3rd edition. I owned the first edition and read it cover to cover numerous times! Darren Rowse was a hero of mine back then since he was working with the photography niche as I was. He has since gone on to big success and his “six-figure” income should probably be updated to “seven-figure” or more. Darren is also the founder of Digital Photography School.

Since you’re here, you’ll really want to review some of my favorite podcasts (Mixergy, How I Built This with Guy Raz, Noah Kagan Presents, Marketing School – Digital Marketing, and Online Marketing Tips, and the NevBlog Podcast). I also highly recommend you make these websites part of your daily reading (Backlinko, Ahrefs, and Copyblogger) and you have to read these articles (125 Blogging Stats That Matter Most, How to Get Sponsors for your Blog, and Google SEO Secrets For Ranking Quickly and Increasing Traffic In 2020) and finally, The Best Tool for SEO & SEM – Try it Free Here!

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