Breezy Excursion- Running Challenge[Day 16]

windy fall day
Running routes near me are amazing!

November Running Challenge -3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 16

November 23, 2020.

My pre-run meal – 2 slices of freshly baked banana bread

What to wear when running in the cold

With a breezy excursion ahead of me today, a compression shirt is my go-to! It’s a coin-flip whether to wear a jacket, but skipping it.

I’m still wearing shorts and believe I will be able to handle that until the weather gets into the 40s.

I always wear a knit cap or hat which helps keeps the heat in.

Skincare Tips for Runners

I’m starting to think about the best ways to protect your face when running in cold weather. Mother Nature doesn’t need any help here and the mirror doesn’t lie.

This is my new pre-run skincare routine:

  • Always use sunscreen

    Even though the sun is setting much earlier, I’ve learned to protect my exposed skin. The annual dermatology check-up is a good reminder.
  • Cover up exposed skin

    While many runners protect the head with a hat of some sort, many of us don’t wear gloves until it’s time for cold weather gloves. Think about using lightweight gloves for those cool, but not frigid cold days.
  • Moisturize

    The use of a quality moisturizer pre-run and post-run is important.
  • Protect those lips

    There are lots of quality lip balms to use for outdoor activities, so don’t forget to use it.
  • Avoid hot water after your run

    After a nice run in cold weather, nothing feels better than a hot shower. The problem is this dries your already dried out skin even more. Take a few moments to warm up, before jumping into a hot shower.
  • And one more time… moisturize!

    Here’s the face protection I just ordered today.

Running Gear Checklist

It is sunny today, but quite breezy with a temperature of 52 F at run time along with 14 mph winds. A clear afternoon with a chill in the air.

My pre-run checklist:

  • Banana bread – The perfect “what to eat before running” snack I can think of
  • Some easy warm-up of stretches before running – My pre run stretches includes some air squats, high kicks (front and back), and pulling knees to chest (while standing)
  • Power check for my phone and AirPods
  • What to wear running always includes new compression shirts
  • Put on my reflective vest
  • Grabbed my handheld phone carrier.
safety running gear
Here’s my reflective running vest and compression shirt.

Let’s roll!

Run Challenge – Day 16 – Data

Distance: 3.01 miles

Duration: 27:06

Avg Pace: 8:59 (min/mile)

Calories burned: 405

Elevation Gain: 97 (ft)

Temperature: 52 F

Weather: Sunny

Wind: 14 mph

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fitness running. breezy excursion
Running pace calculator. Felt good today!
running pace calculator
I like my consistency today. Felt solid throughout workout.
weather forecast running
Helpful information about running in the fall always includes the wind

On the Run – Before and After

The weather was chilly and breezy, but not bad.

My time was better than yesterday’s run and I could tell when I was running.

Not sure how fast I should run for my age, but I felt good.

Really thinking hard about getting some quality running shoes. Maybe I’m on someone’s Christmas list (fingers crossed).

November Running Challenge Streak – Alive and Kicking

I started this today with the goal of just getting this run behind me.

I know how to run a faster 5k, but I will wait until this running challenge is complete and incorporate it into my next fitness running challenge.

No push-ups today. I really need some focus on this.

Post-run snack – Some left over baby red potatoes and a malted beverage.

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 16 – Complete!

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