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Quick Dev – Yes! Breakout Blogs released in just 2 days!

Breakout Blogs is now live! I’ve been trying to work on streamlining my workflows. Truth be told, I am trying to execute on ideas more than just talk about them. I really enjoy developing websites, whether for others or just myself. My latest effort was less than 2 days. Admittedly it is not complete by […]

Using No Code Tools is Fun

After listening to and being inspired by Tara Reed apps without code, on the Mixergy podcast, I created a website based on something dear to me, food recipes from the Eastern Shore, called The site was built using a combination of WordPress with a simple Glide app integration. It was a fun learning experience. […]

Starting a couple of Glide Apps projects

Inspired by a recent Mixergy podcast with Tara Reed, I’ve sketched out a couple of Glide Apps projects. I have played around with the software before and it was really fun to use. However, I never took the platform too seriously until I listened to Tara talk about her successes! Glide Apps provides easy to […]

My recipe finder site is almost complete!

I’ve been working pretty steady on completing my recipe finder site. It is a collection of Eastern Shore recipes or Southern cooking recipes. This project was mainly a labor of love that includes all my favorite recipes specific to the Delmarva Peninsula region. After a challenging development with my last failed project that I worked […]

King of my domains

I’m almost embarrassed to admit buying more domains. Rare is the day I don’t search for a domain name after hearing a phrase or thinking about a new business opportunity. The latest domain purchases are related to my book project, so at least I don’t feel quite so bad. Easy domain registration When it comes […]

Shutting down your first startup

Killing your project Draw the curtains. Cut off the lights. Shutting down your first startup sucks! You just spent countless hours, days, and months working on is never fun. But at some point, you need to face the facts the project you were so sure was going to be a hit, well… just wasn’t. After […]