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Blogs to Read

Do you maintain a list of blogs to read you enjoy just for the entertainment value? Besides reviewing the top popular sites within my niche, I really love reading works by writers from all walks of life. Some of my favorite reads are by writers who maybe haven’t figured everything out just yet. I love […]

My Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan

I do love a personal challenge and my intermittent fasting diet plan is my latest quest. Nothing is more challenging than changing the way to eat. It’s cliche, but it is incredibly difficult to manage what you eat throughout the day. The goal is to teach my brain how to break unhealthy eating habits. All […]

Improve your personal effectiveness while working less

Working on several projects is often necessary, but difficult to successfully execute. Getting more done within the same time constraints, can be done with the correct actions. In this article, I will talk about ways to improve your personal effectiveness I have used with favorable outcomes. What is personal effectiveness? Let’s get started. What is […]

Typing speed practice to increase productivity

With so many projects on the horizon, I noticed that I should look into some online typing speed practice. A quick search turned up a great article on the very topic of relearning how to type. I started this “workout plan” or typing practice about 10 days ago and it is amazing how quickly you […]