Cold Run! 30 Day Running Challenge [Day 17]

outdoor fitness run
Outdoor fitness at it’s finest!

3 Miles A Day – 30 Day Running Challenge – Day 17

November 24, 2020.

My pre-run meal – Bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted Everything bagel.

Cold weather run gear

The weather has dipped into the 40s by run time, but I enjoy a cold weather run!

I have plenty of cold-weather gear however I didn’t use much of it today.

Yesterday, I wrote about skincare for runners and the need to moisturize. Today, I was lubed up like I was about to swim the English Channel!

I always wear a knit cap or hat which helps keeps the heat in.

Running Gear Checklist

It is sunny, with very little wind (4 mph) with a temperature of 48 F at run time.

My pre-run checklist:

  • Bagel sandwich – Very tasty. Had this pre-run meal a couple hours before running
  • Some easy warm-up of stretches before running – My pre-run stretches includes some air squats, high kicks (front and back), lunges, and pulling knees to chest (while standing)
  • Power check for my phone and AirPods
  • What to wear running always includes new compression shirts
  • Put on my reflective vest
  • Grabbed my handheld phone carrier.

Run Challenge – Day 17 – Data

Distance: 3.02 miles

Duration: 27:09

Avg Pace: 8:58 (min/mile)

Calories burned: 406

Elevation Gain: 97 (ft)

Temperature: 48 F

Weather: Sunny

Wind: 4 mph

Podcast: Mixergy – Why 70% of teachers use THIS app – Yes, I listened to this again today

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how to improve run time
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On the Run – Before and After

My time almost identical to yesterday’s cold weather run .

Running faster tips should involve a good warm-up. More light jogging ahead of the run, lunges, and general stretching has helped me overall.

Exercises for running faster might include do some weight lifting. Would like to start it next week.

November Running Challenge Streak – Alive and Kicking

5k running at it’s finest. The weather has been very cooperative for this running challenge so far. Looking at the extended forecast, there is only a few days of bad weather on the horizon.

No push-ups today. I might stop talking about this until I actually start doing it again.

Post-run snack – Just waited for dinner. Hamburger (no bun), steamed rice and asparagus.

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 17 – Complete!

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