Let’s go! 5 Miles a Day Run Challenge [Day 1]

crisp fall weather blue skies
Beautiful Day 1!

5 Miles A Day Running Challenge


December 8, 2020


outside temp day 1 running challenge
The love of running was met with a steady headwind for the return leg home!


43 F


13 mph





Avg Pace

9:33 min / mile

Calories burned



Tried to eat something small before running. Since I hadn’t eaten anything all day, it makes sense to have something in my belly.

I whipped up a small bowl of beans and rice, and a small slice of cheese danish for added carbs.


run pace calculator
Run pace calculator. Same run, different direction

Workout Details

love of running, increasing distance by 60%
Increased distance by 60% from last run challenge, and burned 60% more calories as well.



Day 1 is here again. Just completed run 3 miles a day challenge yesterday.

Excited to increase the mileage!

To prepare for my new running challenge, I rewarded myself with a pair of Hoka Clifton 7 running shoes. I absolutely love them!

Feels like 36. Did I mention it was chilly?

Started out running with a tailwind. The headwind on the return run home was steady most of the way.

The weather was chilly, but not too bad.

I started off tonight with a stiff, sore hip, and ended with a sore hip. Hopefully, this slight injury gets better. Not expecting miracles since I am running every day.

Fuel wise, I felt good. The hip has been a hinderance for the past week or two. Fingers crossed on the hip getting better.

Loved the fit and feel of my new shoes. The Nike Air Max were 10.5US. The Hoka Clifton 7 are size 11US (wide). The extra space made the shoes very comfortable.

Overall, good first day!

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