Friday Fitness Motivation [Day 27]

friday fitness motivation workout
TGIF workout. Cloudy with a chance of sweat!

My Friday fitness motivation run. The afternoon was cloudy, but warmer than yesterday’s fitness run, with light winds.

December 4, 2020.

Fall runs, especially in the afternoon, bring long shadows. Visibility can be difficult on a bright day. Not that I love cloudy days, but running on cloudy days is easier on my eyes and visibility is definitely better.

The weather today – 55F, slight drizzle, and 11 mph winds.

Running Gear Checklist

My pre-run routine:

Friday Fitness MotivationWorkout – Day 27– Data

Distance: 3.01 miles
Duration: 30:08
Avg Pace: 10:01 (min/mile)
Calories burned: 421
Elevation Gain: 98 (ft)
Temperature: 55 F
Weather: Cloudy, with a drizzle
Wind: 11 mph
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On the Run – Before and After

It was a good day to run. The rain was nearby, but not on me directly.

My hip was still sore, so I really cranked the pace down, thus the 10 minute mile pace.

While the pace was slower than normal, the sore hip was not going to discourage me.

I didn’t have any pre-run nutrition. Afterwards, I had (3) beans and rice tacos with lettuce, cheese and hot sauce. It doesn’t get any better than that!

3 days remaining!

Time does fly. Had to believe there are only 3 days left in my fitness challenge.

Yes, I have a sore hip but overall, I am good.

I started this challenge running only a handful of time this year! While I used to run quite a bit years ago, running was not a frequent fitness workout for me.

I am grateful completing yet another run, my Friday fitness motivation is the finish line I see in the not so distant future.

Another one in the books.

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 27– Complete!

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