Hey, I’m writing my first book!

Don’t throw away your audience

I recently decided to scrap my food directory website.

While the site itself never generated the traffic I expected, there is a growing interest in the associated Instagram account.

I do enjoy posting on this social media platform.

The work flow is so much easier, get to take photos (which I really enjoy doing), and doesn’t require much time at all.

Since I have built up a nice amount of followers, why throw that momentum away? What could I do with this resource?

Hmm. I have an audience on one hand and a domain name (by the same name) that I just wiped clean in the other.

I got it. A cookbook! I’m writing my first book!

Create a cookbook and use the domain name for the site I just killed, to be the landing page for the book.

I had been working on cookbook, on and off, for some time. Nothing serious, just some outline sketches and content ideas.

This makes perfect sense!

Use the single link you get to add to your Instagram bio and direct visitors and fans of my page to check out the cookbook.

I now have a plan.

The joys of self-publishing

I started reviewing some articles on self-publishing and it’s really amazing how far this field as come in just a few years.

You can create a book by simply crafting it a word doc, stylize, and upload for publishing.

Marketing has been and will continue to be the real task for making any kind of monetary return.

But that, too, has greatly changed with the growth of social media.

It’s incredible that you can actually DIY self-publishing … the entire process!

Here are a couple sites I am currently using for this project… selfpublishing.com and self publishing a cookbook

Determining the cookbook goals

Over the past 48 hours I have put together a couple mock-up cover examples. I pretty sure one of these will be a keeper.

Since I have accumulated quite a collection of recipes over the years, I have a running start here.

I have determined this book will be a short and to the point style of cookbook.

The book definitely be less than 100 pages.

Establishing my cookbook goals. Here is where I am right now:

  • Settle on specific content.✔
  • Decide on title (s).✔
  • Create cover art.✔
  • Decide on the number of pages.✔

Now it’s time to whittle down all the possible recipe candidates, work on the recipe layout or formatting, and do some cooking!

Be sure to stay tuned.

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