Incredible Fitness Motivation [Day 22]

Fitness motivation.  Blue skies and no wind.
Fitness motivation! Just look at that blue sky.

Sunday morning run – Day 22
November 29, 2020.
Nice day, slightly chilly, no wind.
My pre-run meal – Empty stomach run.

Why I like running in cold weather

To no surprise, cold weather is actually the ideal condition for your run.

Running is a great tool for preventing winter weight gain, when I can control my eating.

When the days get shorter and the temperature plummets, many people suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) I like going to the gym, but running is my best fitness motivation tool!

Running Gear Checklist

It is amazing this morning with hardly any wind (2 mph).
My pre-run checklist:

  • Empty stomach fitness run. Even though I was craving an egg burrito, I pushed through the hunger to workout first
  • Warm-up stretches include some squats, high kicks (front and back), lunges, and pulling knees to the chest
  • Power check for my phone and AirPods
  • What to wear running always includes a new long sleeve tech shirt.
  • Choose to wear my running jacket this morning.
  • Put on a knit cap
  • Put on my reflective vest
  • Grabbed my handheld phone carrier

Chilly morning run – Day 22 – Data

Distance: 3.02 miles
Duration: 27:58
Avg Pace: 9:16 (min/mile)
Calories burned: 410
Elevation Gain: 97 (ft)
Temperature: 48 F
Weather: Clear
Wind: 2 mph
Podcast: Ask Pat – AP 1139: I’m starting a new business from scratch. How do I make sure it succeeds?

run pace calculator
Run pace calculator
Running paths near me
Running routes, trails and path near me
The Weather Channel forecast
Clear skies and just right for outside running!

On the Run – Before and After

Just like my Saturday morning run, I wanted to get my fitness done earlier in the day. It’s Sunday and football festivities kicking in shortly.

I have been talking a bit about new running shoes and last night I was looking at several inexpensive running shoes on Amazon. Although many have a lot of positive reviews, I’m not so sure about them.

I was definitely overdressed for the run today. By the midway point, I was sweating profusely. I could have done without the hat and jacket today.

The streak rolls on

Perfect day running.

I got plenty of sleep last night, combined with great weather!

Post-run snack: Egg burrito – (4) egg whites and (2) slices of bacon, lettuce, Velvetta, and hot sauce. One small bowl of Steel Cut Oats with skim milk.

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 22 – Complete!

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