It’s always about the money

Online Earnings Calculator

One of the first steps I take with new projects is to calculate how much money I can anticipate earning. Listed below is an online calculator I use to guesstimate potential earnings.

GIVE IT A TRY. To use the calculator, enter the Starting Age, Ending Age, and Estimated monthly earnings. This tool gives you a good idea of the type of income you can expect.

Define the whys

Like many of you, I have worked on so many projects, logging countless hours writing content, formatting data, then suddenly…Poof! Everything comes to a quick and abrupt stop. Sound familiar?

In the beginning, I told myself that this (you name it) was just going to be a fun project; learning new processes, applications, etc. I wouldn’t care how much money this project made. My satisfaction would be based on personal growth, with money being a “nice to have” outcome.

After months of hard work, you notice your Analytics data is flat-lined. Double-check the tracking code, that has to be the problem. Hmmm. Looks to be okay. Pull up another browser and hit your landing page. Jump back to Analytics and the Real Time chart shows a visitor. It’s you and yes, it’s working. Damn!

Yes, making money is a HUGE motivator for continuing with a project.

Being honest with yourself

I’m not sure why it is so hard to state the intention to make money from the outset. Perhaps, because it is too easy to determine the success or defeat far earlier than we want to know. But that’s the trap. Being able to admit things are not going as planned can be difficult, but it’s necessary. Let go of the Pride, Ego, and Embarrassment. Use your time to make progress and not delay failure.

Yes, it’s about the money

I listen to so many podcasts about entrepreneurs, with their humble beginnings, sharing a single light bulb with their partner while they code in the middle of the night, eating one meal a day for two years straight, …. you know the stories. Have they ever said they were doing it for a learning experience? Let me help you. NEVER!!!

I’ve made a promise to myself to always consider revenue,( how-to and amount) during the initial project planning stage from here on out. If you don’t PLAN to make money, you won’t. Plan your work, work your plan!