King of my domains

I’m almost embarrassed to admit buying more domains. Rare is the day I don’t search for a domain name after hearing a phrase or thinking about a new business opportunity. The latest domain purchases are related to my book project, so at least I don’t feel quite so bad.

Easy domain registration

When it comes to purchasing domain names, I typically use my hosting company, InMotionHosting. The price is a bit higher than say NameCheap, which probably has the best prices. However, I don’t like to wait the 7-10 days required when transferring domains to another company.

Buying domain names does get a bit costly, especially since I get privacy with them which basically doubles the price. The great thing about NameCheap is, not only do they have the best prices on domains, but they also provide domain privacy for free as long as you keep the domains with them.

At this time, I am happy with my hosting so I just deal with paying twice as much for my TLD names.

How many domains do you own?

My most recent domain name purchases pushes my total to 14. I wish I could say they are all developed, but that is not the case.

I am curious about you. How many domains do you own? Where do you buy your names from? Please leave a comment below.

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