Starting a couple of Glide Apps projects

Inspired by a recent Mixergy podcast with Tara Reed, I’ve sketched out a couple of Glide Apps projects. I have played around with the software before and it was really fun to use. However, I never took the platform too seriously until I listened to Tara talk about her successes!

Glide Apps provides easy to building user interfaces. I also discovered some additional functionality you can add to your Google Sheets and access through Glide.

Check out KPIbees to see how to make Google Sheets do more than you ever thought!

Also, I’m super excited that I just signed up for Tara’s free class / webinar from her site AppsWithoutCode ! Besides giving me some technical guidance on building my Glide apps projects, I hope to gain some direction on how to make one of these ideas a revenue generator. Fingers crossed.

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