My recipe finder site is almost complete!

I’ve been working pretty steady on completing my recipe finder site. It is a collection of Eastern Shore recipes or Southern cooking recipes. This project was mainly a labor of love that includes all my favorite recipes specific to the Delmarva Peninsula region.

After a challenging development with my last failed project that I worked on for several months and never really got off the ground, the goal with the Southern Classics recipe site was to closely monitor scope and time. I used the WordPress framework and designed the layout using Elementor. I have been wanting to work with Elementor on a project, so this proved to be fun.

I had originally developed with the site with a pre-made theme, but sometimes it is more work trying to customize them than just building something from scratch. Again, I just want to make a simple recipe finder site to share my favorite Eastern Shore recipes.

If all goes well, I plan to have the site completed in the next couple of days!


Update – Was able to summons an amazing amount of focus tonight… mission complete! Check out my Southern cooking recipes.