Happy Day! November Running Challenge-midpoint[Day 15]

overcast fall day November running challenge
Beautiful fall day. Too bad my running times were not a thing of beauty as well!

November Running Challenge -3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 15

November 22, 2020.

My pre-run meal – 1/3 cup of Steel Cut Oats Oatmeal, Scrapple, a bagel, and a cup of coffee. Ate this meal 3 hours before running

Tips for running to lose weight

If you are running to lose weight, understand your caloric needs. How much will you burn on your run vs how you eat, before and after.

I would not recommend following my diet as of late. During the week, I still use an intermittent fasting plan with success. However, on weekends or non-workdays, all bets are off. I actually believe I gain weight on weekends!

Running Gear Checklist

The weather today was partly sunny, 63 F at run time with 11 mph winds. Still a nice day for a run.

My breakfast was heavier than I would like, but it was 3 hours before running and it’s the weekend. Come on!

Completed my pre-run checklist:

Let’s roll!

Run Challenge – Day 15 – Data

Distance: 3.0 miles

Duration: 29:42

Avg Pace: 9:52 (min/mile)

Calories burned: 419

Elevation Gain: 96 (ft)

Temperature: 63 F

Weather: Partly sunny

Wind: 11 mph

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MapMyRun running course
Back to the same course!
running challenge pace calculator
I anticipated a sluggish day after my long run yesterday. Talked myself right into it.
weather at run time
Although it was partly cloudy and breezy, I’ll take this type of November weather every day!

On the Run – Before and After

The weather was warm and overcast, but for running it was very nice.

Time was not an issue today. I set my mental pace calculator for a 10-minute mile. After the long run yesterday, I just wanted to get this run in the books.

Not sure why I obsess with the running time for this November running challenge. Need to constantly remind myself it’s the 3 miles per day that matters, even if I crawl.

My body felt good during the run. I continue to use my older running shoes (Nike Air Max).

The wind was not a factor, even with the slight breeze. With the warmer temperatures, it actually felt good.

November Running Challenge Streak Still Alive

running challenge calendar
November running challenge calendar! Love all that blue!

I started this today with the goal of just getting this run behind me.

Mission accomplished.

Tomorrow I will get my 100 pushups in. Not happening again today. I really need pushups to improve my fitness level. Starting tomorrow, this will be mandatory!

Post-run meal – Arby’s grilled chicken wrap.

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 15 – Complete!

I have officially reached the mid point of this running challenge!

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