Quick Dev – Yes! Breakout Blogs released in just 2 days!

Breakout Blogs is now live! I’ve been trying to work on streamlining my workflows. Truth be told, I am trying to execute on ideas more than just talk about them. I really enjoy developing websites, whether for others or just myself. My latest effort was less than 2 days. Admittedly it is not complete by any stretch, but it is live!

What is Breakout Blogs?

Breakout Blogs is a site I developed to discuss web properties or blogs, that I find have explosive growth. These sites can be those just starting out or established ones that have seen an incredible uptick in traffic.

I dedicate an entire post about each site I have identified for review. In each post, I talk about the traffic growth, SEO keyword rankings, where they are getting their visitors from, and areas I see for improvement.

This site is currently hosted as a subdomain off of this site. Instead of creating a whole new site, I wanted to see if this project had any legs first.

breakout blogs logo

How do you get featured on the Breakout Blogs?

Since I literally just went live with the site within the past 48 hours, I have been hand-selected all the sites being reviewed. My goal is to add 5 reviews per week.

Going forward, I will be relying on the submit your blog form for those that want to be considered to be featured on the site.

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Affiliate Disclosure

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