5 Miles a Day – Run Challenge[Day 2]

running everyday results - 5 miles a day run challenge
Run everyday results in improved fitness and an outlook that anything is possible.

5 Miles A Day Running Challenge


December 9, 2020


weather channel outside temp run data
Outside temp during my fitness run


43 F


8 mph





Avg Pace

9:27 min / mile

Calories burned



I ate a light breakfast – a bowl of oatmeal. Before I ran, I consumed a generous slice of hot, freshly made banana nut bread. So good!


run everyday results in strong lungs and legs
Running route near me

Workout Details

run everyday results in better times
Run pace calculator



Day 2 of my run challenge is shaping up to be a nice afternoon.

My daily 5 mile runs feel the same as my past 3 mile runs.

Run everyday results in a great since of accomplishment daily.

It is definitely something I look forward to each day.

I didn’t know what to expect today.

My hip pain has been present for about a week, off and on.

Lately, each run starts off with hip pain on my right side. It gradually goes away.

Today, same thing. Sore hip for the first half mile, but got better as I went along.

Started out with a tailwind. The headwind on the return run home was sporadic.

The weather was chilly, but not too bad at all.

Overall, very good day on the road. My hip has not been bothering me since I completed my run.

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