Tepid Thursday [Day 26]

big sky running beautiful
Blue sky. Absolutely gorgeous night for a training run!

Tepid Thursday was a wonderful night to run!

December 3, 2020.

Farmers in the field, harvesting what’s left of this year’s crops. The sun was bright and the shadows were long. Amazing!

long shadows running
Long shadows. Sorry for the blurry photo. Taking photo while running!

The weather came in at a mild 52F degree workout with 8 mph winds.

My pre-run meal – When the hunger sets in, disregard everything I said about fitness and nutrition. I had peanut butter and banana sandwich on toasted white bread and a pack of trail mix. So good!

Running Gear Checklist

It is clear and sunny this afternoon, the temperature outside was (52F), with light winds (8 mph).
My pre-run checklist:

  • Nutrition – A solid pre-run snack/meal.
  • Warm-up stretches include some squats, high kicks (front and back), lunges, and pulling knees to the chest
  • Power check for my phone and AirPods
  • Wore my long sleeve tech shirt, and a retro Nike Fit jacket
  • A Patagonia headband ear warmer
  • No mittens tonight
  • Yes, I remembered my reflective vest.
  • Grabbed my handheld phone carrier

Tepid Thursday Workout – Day 26– Data

Distance: 3.01 miles
Duration: 27:46
Avg Pace: 9:13 (min/mile)
Calories burned: 409
Elevation Gain: 89 (ft)
Temperature: 52 F
Weather: Sunny
Wind: 8 mph
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run pace calculator
running mile splits
tepid  thursday night run

On the Run – Before and After

The outside temp was mild this evening. Not too cool, not too hot.

I was discussing a possible runner’s injury last night. My hop was sore on the right side and I thought is may have something to do with the slope of the road.

This evening, my hip started out a bit sore but it soon dissipated.

I enjoyed the headband tonight. It kept my forehead warm, without allowing the top of my head to overheat. It also keeps my head from sweating too much while running.

The 30-day finish line is quickly approaching!

Good run today. No post-run snack, probably because I ate enough before I started.

Another one in the books.

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 26– Complete!

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