Typing speed practice to increase productivity

With so many projects on the horizon, I noticed that I should look into some online typing speed practice.

A quick search turned up a great article on the very topic of relearning how to type.

I started this “workout plan” or typing practice about 10 days ago and it is amazing how quickly you can make significant progress.

My biggest issue was not so much my technique (no chicken pecking here), but my error rate.

I hit the back button way too often. Numbers and symbols are also a killer.

I always try to type faster than my brain can process what I’m trying to write.

What is a good typing speed?

A quick Google search shows me that the average typing speed is 40 wpm or words per minute.

Just slowing down not only improved my words per minutes, but also reduced my error rate tremendously.

When I first started this retraining project, I took a tests that determined my average typing speed was right on 40 wpm.

To hear me typing, you would think I was typing 100wpm…. again, way too many errors.

To see my average typing speed was on par with most computer users was encouraging, but I want more.

My goal is to reach 75 words per minute, which is considered in the range of professional typists.

Online typing speed practice

Here are the three free online typing lessons websites that were mentioned in the article above

I use the process outlined in the post:

practice typing online

I’m not going to post my daily progress but I will update this post from time to time.

I am trying to do these typing exercises on a daily basis.

As of this morning, I am pleased to report I am typing at a steady 57 wpm rate and have greatly reduced my error rate.

The best progress has been made by slowing down to speed up, and completing the exercises which reinforce finger placements.

Typing speed practice updates

As of Sept 21, 2020, my typing speed practice average is 60-63 words per minute.

As of Oct 13, 2020, my typing speed practice average is 63 words per minute after 3 tests.

As of Oct 23, 2020, my typing speed practice average was 60.2 words per minute after 5 tests. I hit an all-time record of 74 words per minute with the first test but got progressively worse with each subsequent test.