Using No Code Tools is Fun

After listening to and being inspired by Tara Reed apps without code, on the Mixergy podcast, I created a website based on something dear to me, food recipes from the Eastern Shore, called

The site was built using a combination of WordPress with a simple Glide app integration. It was a fun learning experience. After getting some guidance from the great Glide community, I was off and running.

There are several no coding app builders on the market. I have recently experimented with Bubble and it has a lot of capabilities. However, it was a bit more involved than I was looking for using a no code platform. I will definitely circle back to it at a later time, though.

Glide is built on Google Sheets, which makes it very easy for most people to understand and get started with a simple app. I literally was creating my recipe site in one hour. I had planned to build the entire site using WordPress, but then I had a moment of clarity to just let the Glide app do the heavy lifting.

TBH, the site is still pretty rough looking, but I accomplished what I wanted to do with this and didn’t spend months doing it!

So if you are looking for Maryland Crab Cakes recipes, craving a sweet potato pie, or willing to try to make a Smith Island Cake, please stop by my site. There are many fun recipes to make and I will continue to add to the site.

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