What a Boldly, Crisp Fitness Run it was![Day 24]

crisp fitness run
Outside temp 48F, with 16mph winds, making it feel like 43F.

What a difference a day makes! A crisp fitness run was in store for today.

December 1, 2020.

The first day of December brought a nippy 48F degree workout with 16 mph winds!

Day 24 was completely different from yesterday’s balmy run. No rain, no problem.

My pre-run meal – 5 egg white burrito, with scrapple, lettuce, cheese, and hot sauce. Now that’s a pre-run meal. An hour later it was time to hit the road.

Running Gear Checklist

It is mostly cloudy this afternoon, the temperature outside was a warm (48F), with steady winds (16 mph). No tornado warnings today.

My pre-run checklist:

  • Nutrition – I had a good base with a rather large pre-run meal
  • Warm-up stretches include some squats, high kicks (front and back), lunges, and pulling knees to the chest
  • Power check for my phone and AirPods
  • Definitely wore my long sleeve tech shirt, and didn’t wear a jacket for reasons I can’t explain
  • Put on my reflective vest
  • Grabbed my handheld phone carrier

Sweating During Workout – Day 24 – Data

Distance: 3.00 miles
Duration: 26:29
Avg Pace: 8:48 (min/mile)
Calories burned: 404
Elevation Gain: 96 (ft)
Temperature: 48 F
Weather: Mostly cloudy
Wind: 16 mph
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Prevent the seasonal metabolic slow-down with a training run in cold weather.

On the Run – Before and After

The outside temp was chilly today. I could have used my jacket and gloves. I was underdressed for the crisp fitness run occasion.

Vegetarian Fitness Diet

I enjoyed my pre-run meal. Getting your workout diet right is important for having a good, productive training session. I normally get that part of my fitness nutrition right.

However, my post-run food choices need some work. I need some mental toughness to fight through my sweet tooth cravings later in the evening.

In addition to cutting out sugar, I would like to reduce or eliminate red meat or meat, altogether, from my diet.

I love how running makes me feel. The energy boost, blood flow, and clear mind. BUT, I have a tendency to overeat during my training.

Overeating why training is not something I enjoy. By overeating, I mean eating more than I burn.

With my next fitness challenge… starting in less than a week (yikes)… I want to incorporate longer distance runs with a vegetarian diet.

I have been reviewing several plans and this is the plant-based fitness system I want to use with the next challenge.

Yes, I know the holidays are upon us, but there is always an excuse for not pushing yourself if you let it.

Cutting out meat from my diet will be a bigger hurdle than any distance/duration I plan to tackle.

This should be interesting!!!

Streaking to the end

I knew today had the potential to be a crisp fitness run type of day, and it was.

Aside from the weather, the run was good and another one in the books.

3 Miles A Day for 30 Days – Day 24 – Complete!

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